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31. July 2010

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Aim of the homepage

This homepage was primarily created to communicate information on Fusarium graminearum mutants (pheno- and chemotypes), fusaria metabolites and the technologies I have used to generate targeted gene replacement mutants.

It is my hope that the page will aid in the understanding of fungal secondary metabolism and is indented to be read by both skilled professionals and people with a general interest in biology/biochemistry.

If you find any errors please do not hesitate to contact me on raf(at)bio.dtu.dk.


Current work place 

I am currently employed as a Post Doc fellow at the Center for Microbial Biotechnology (CMB), Department of Systems Biology, at the Technical Univeristy of Denmark. The position is funded by the Danish Research Counsil for Technology and Production (FTP) in the form of an individual three year Post Doc project.


Aim of my current project: To develop a technological platform that will allow for efficient construction of chimeric multizymes and hopefully novel bioactive compounds.


Research interests

My research mainly focus on fungal secondary metabolism (mycotoxins) and the development of new molecular biological tools for performing targeted gene/genome modifications in filamentous fungi.


bulletTargeted genome modification in fungi
bullet Agrobacterium mediated transformation
bullet USER friendly cloning
bullet Polyketide synthases

Want to obtain the Agrobacterium tumefaciens plasmids with USER Friendly Clonng sites? Click here



Learn more about


o       Biology and genetics of Fusarium

o       Secondary metabolites

o       Polyketide syntase systems

§         Aflatoxin

§         Aurofusarin

§         Zearalenone

§         Fumonisins

§         Fusarin C

§         Bikaverin



o       Agrobacterium tumefaciens mediated transformation of filamentous fungi

o       USER Friendly cloning


   Laboratory work

o       Experimental setup - targeted genome modifications in fungi

o       ATMT of filamentous fungi (protocols and tips)

o       Molecular biological protocols

o       Growth media I use for Fusarium



o       UV and VIS spectra of a few selected Fusarium metabolites

o       Targeted Fusarium graminearum mutants

o       Vectors compatible with USER friendly cloning


Young Elite Researcher Price 2010

On the 27th of January 2010 I proudly received one of this years twenty four "Young Elite Researcher Price" awards by the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. More...

Receiving the price.

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